4 Ways ZenMate Can Save You Some Serious Cash

Anyone who knows anything about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) knows that they are an essential tool for providing hundreds of people all over the world with privacy and security online. Yet what many people don't know is that some thrifty VPNs users have also used the software as a money saving device, with some users having saved themselves hundreds of pounds in the past. Intrigued? I thought so! Here's 5 ways ZenMate can save our users money:

1. By helping you avoid being tracked

Ever looked at a flight, train tickets or hotel online and returned to book it only a few days later to discover that the the price has gone up quite dramatically? While sometimes this may be because lots of other people have booked in the interim period, more often than not it is because booking sites are tracking you online and upping the price for returning visitors.

How exactly do websites track you? Some sites keep tabs on you by using your IP address while other websites use your cookies. Luckily, deleting your cookies is pretty simple and you can use ZenMate to change your IP address, so a site will have no idea that you are a returning visitor. A perfect way to save yourself a little bit of pocket money before booking a trip.

2. By allowing you to buy flights from other countries

Another good to know fact for travellers, is that airlines sometimes offer different prices on flights depending on which location you are booking from. While sometimes this saving may only be £10 or so, other users have found that using our VPN to change their IP location has saved them hundreds of pounds - especially when booking long distance flights.

At ZenMate we currently have servers based in 29 different countries, all of which are available to our Premium customers. This means 29 different countries that you can change your location to when booking that long-haul flight. So get experimenting (and let us know the results)!

3. By unblocking content not available in your country

As the winter months start to roll around, many of us are swapping beer in the park for tea in bed as we spend our evenings wrapped up in duvets, binge watching our favourite movies and TV shows online. But no need to rack up a huge bill on iTunes! Using a VPN massively expands the amount of free content that is available online by allowing you to access sites that are normally blocked to people in your country.

For people in the UK, this means using a VPN to access US Netflix which has almost double the amount of movies and shows than the UK library. For expats living outside of the UK, you can use ZenMate to access British streaming sites such as the BBC iPlayer for completely free. How bloody fantastic!

4. By helping you avoid identity theft

Still the number one way that ZenMate will ever save you money is by protecting you against cyber crime. You may not think of this as a money saving tip right now, but you definitely will when you go to check your bank account and realise it was emptied by a hacker who stole your credit card details while you were using the local Costa wifi to do your online shopping.

The Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report from 2015 found that 22% of Brits fell victim to cyber crime in the last year, 1 in 7 of them having had their financial details stolen while shopping online. So on average, cyber crime cost each Brit £134 in the year 2016. The number one way to protect yourself from this sort of crime is to use a VPN in order to encrypt your sensitive information while it is being sent across the web. To learn more about this, check out our article What is a VPN? and then download a free trial of ZenMate Premium, you bank account will thank you!