5 Short Videos About Internet Privacy You Need to Watch Now

Think privacy is dead? Think again.

If you believe privacy has no place in the 21st century then you need to watch these videos pronto. Take a look to find out why privacy still matters, why encryption should never be weakened and how easy it is to track your location through your smartphone.

Oh and once you're done freaking out, head over to our ZenMate site where we have loads of tips on how to increase your privacy online.

1. Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters

Who better to explain the importance of internet privacy than the journalist who helped Snowden leak the NSA files? In this TED talk Glenn Greenwald tries to convince us why privacy still matters, refuting the idea that only 'bad people' need privacy on the web.

2. Guardian: The Power of Privacy

In part one of this five part series about privacy in the 21st Century, Guardian journalist Aleks Krotoski is shocked to learn how much information can be found online about her using only her name - including previous addresses and her personal financial worth.

3. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Encryption

Still not sure exactly what happened between the FBI and Apple? Struggling to form an opinion on the whole encryption debate? Here John Oliver does a good (and funny) job of summing up the debate and explaining why ultimately, encryption is super important to modern day society.

4. Bram Bonné: Your Smartphone is Leaking Your Information

Do you leave the wifi on your phone constantly switched on? If the answer to this question is yes then you need to watch this TED Talk with Bram Bonné...

5. All the Ways To Hack Your Phone: Phreaked Out

Still not convinced your need to care more about smartphone security? Then check out this video made my Vice which shows how easy it is to take over anyones phone, snoop on all their activity and alter the content they are viewing online. Seriously phreaky stuff!