How to Watch the New Season of Sherlock Online

There are many great things about moving to another continent from the United Kingdom; you could be spending your Christmas on the beach, working ‘full-time’ for only 20 hours a week, you get to experience new cultures and cuisines and of course, you get to escape the perils of an unelected prime minister who is hellbent on spying on unsuspecting citizens.

That being said, there are some home comforts that can only be fulfilled by the small island that we call home (real cheese hitting the top of that list). One such comfort, is the fine broadcasting of the British media; including the wisdom of Radio 4, the cringe-tastic Come Dine with Me and of course, the most binge-worthy show on all of the BBC, Sherlock.

Yes, after three long years of waiting Sherlock has finally returned to the BBC with its much anticipated fourth season. Yet while the first episode, named ‘The Six Thatchers’, is now available for Brits to watch for free on the BBC iPlayer, anyone living outside of the UK is sadly unable to access this content.

Thankfully, ZenMate allows our users to disguise their online location, giving them access to websites that may be blocked outside of their hosting country. So by utilising a VPN such as ZenMate, users are able to listen to, watch and read anything that may be restricted in the country they are currently living in or visiting, including Sherlock.

What’s more, since ZenMate Premium allows users to access certain regulated websites such as iPlayer, All 4 and ITV Player, British expats no longer have to miss out on any of their favourite binge shows that were broadcast over the Christmas period. And since ZenMate understands the importance of lounging in your pyjamas and viewing your top picks, we also offer a free trial of our Premium service just in time for next week’s episode of Sherlock.

It is really quite elementary: simple create an account with ZenMate, download ZenMate’s desktop client based on your operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux), once downloaded change your location to the United Kingdom and head to your usual streaming sites with no interruptions or annoyances to make sure you don’t miss your favourite shows.

For further information on how to do this check out our article about using ZenMate to unblock the BBC iPlayer. Or start your free trial of ZenMate Premium now by clicking here.