ZenMate - Internet Security BarCamp 2016

On the 22nd of October 2016, ZenMate will be holiding our very first BarCamp here at ZenMate HQ in Berlin. The theme of the event will be privacy and security on the web. Read on to find out all about the event, plus information on how you can win two tickets to the event.

What is a BarCamp?

Since their inception in the tech companies of Silicon Valley over 10 years ago, BarCamps have been adopted by many industries and interest groups, with hundreds of events now taking place all over the world every year. But what is a BarCamp you ask? Well, a BarCamp is a little bit like a conference - if conferences had no rules, no hierarchies, no spectators and weren't boring.

What makes a BarCamp different is that all attendees are expected to actively participate in the event, and the agenda is decided by the participants right there on the day, depending on what they would most like to discuss. Therefore, every person attending the event is supposed to come up with a topic they would like to present. At the start of the event, all participants pitch their sessions and the agenda is then decided based on what everyone collectively decides. The aim of this is to create an atmosphere in which previous strangers can come together and collaborate in order to create new ideas and find solutions to the problems surrounding the theme of the day.

Why Privacy and Security?

As a company who's mission it is to help make the internet a more private and secure place, the topic of privacy and security on the web was a bit of a no-brainer. We decided to leave the theme of the BarCamp pretty broad, as we would like the event to be as accessible and inclusive as possible for anyone who would like to attend. Are you fascinated by the debate around encryption and government surveillance? Or maybe you would like to speak about the social media blocks that have happened in Turkey over the last year? Whatever your background is and whatever your interests are is okay with us - we just want to get people talking!

To find out more about the logistics of the event and buy tickets click here. Or to win 2 tickets to the event like and share this post on our Facebook page. The winner will be chosen at random on Monday the 18th of October.

**Please note the winner will receive 2 tickets to the event only. This ticket includes food and drinks at the event but the winner is responsible for any transport or accommodation they may require.